This blog is dedicated to "The Children Left Behind." We will not rest until the safety of our children and those that are entrusted with their mental health care are held accountable for abusing the children's God given rights, those rights upheld by our constitution, and those that have been complicit in obfuscating the truth!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There will be updates posted as soon as received.  For now, those parents that are seeking records or have been seeking academic records, in many cases for months, please contact Ridge Creek School attorney Thornton Morris. Otherwise you may wish to seek counsel, unfortunately. The Georgia GAO can be contacted if you wish to share your story at 800-537-2329.

For those parents seeking counseling records, IEP, ISP, 504's, via ICPC or in-state, many of the children have never had records generated on them, and it has been confirmed that many of the records that are available have been manufactured. 

Both Federal and State laws have been violated for years. You may send requests to and those will be forwarded to authorities.  We will answer all email.

We know this has been difficult.  Many of the children have suffered needlessly.  We will seek restitution from the State of Georgia for all families and their children over an 11 year period that have been hurt due to their irresponsible, negligent, at times, inept reporting, cover-up, and violation of their own regulatory codes. 

This is one deposition to look forward to.  No thanks to " Judge Chicken," we just may finally get our day in court.

No child will have a foot slammed into their back, their face pushed in goose feces, because they cannot do massive amounts of relentless push-ups due to a shoulder dislocation since birth.  This fight is dedicated to all the children that have been hurt, to my daughter, and for ... 

"The Children Left Behind"

For Jilliestake,
I am Jill Ryan.


  1. Your daughters are very lucky to have you Jillie :)

  2. Thank you, Anon. But it is I that have been blessed by them. From the beginning, I stated that "it was in my child's eyes." That kind of truth can not be fabricated.

  3. This place could have been shut down years ago, but those who should have done their jobs FAILED to do so. They were more concerned about collecting a paycheck than protecting the children who were supposed to be protected under their agencies. I could go on about the Ed Cons as well... so many of them continued to refer children to that school knowing damn well it couldn't serve their children's needs. The former employees who never did the right thing also need to know they are culpable. I can only count a couple of former employees who actually had the morals and decency to protect those children. This is the perfect storm and those who lied, as well as profited from this "school", are now facing serious repercussions. And they have no one to blame but themselves.

  4. Distressed AmericanJuly 21, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    Right On, Jillie!

    It is so good to see this finally happen after all the years of BS from that cesspool. I hope this can be a lesson to those who need it, that lives are more important than profits and paychecks. And, I hope at least the vast majority of the miscreants are held to task for what they did...or didn't do, as the case may be. Restitution is small comfort to those who have to reassemble their lives, if indeed they can, but it is needed, to help those who were hurt, and to help this to never happen again.

    Bravo, and keep up the full court press!


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