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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is out of South Africa, but it appears to be more appropriate to a  "Three Stooges" episode.  One can envision Curly freaking out with Larry... if this wasn't so real for the 50 year old Grandfather that was screaming from inside the morgue freezer - 21 hours later.

Health Department  official spokesman Suzwe Kupelo said the family requested an undertaker after finding the Grandfather dead.   The owner of the morgue Ayanda Maqolo sent  for the body and the body was transferred to the morgue.

Ayanda Maqolo states that the Grandfather's vital signs were taken, and nothing; the body was examined then placed in a morgue freezer..

21 hours later, workers hear a voice shouting for help.  Ayanda Maqolo states that the workers thought it was a ghost.  "I couldn't believe it!" Maqolo said.  His employees were scared, he was scared, so they telephoned the police. 

The police arrive and enter the morgue with firearms drawn, which an appreciative Maqolo said he was glad in case, "something wanted to fight with us."

The Grandfather was pulled out of the freezer wanting to know, "How did I get here?"

Maqolo said that he had nightmares after this traumatic experience.

Try waking up in the freezer!

All that was missing was Moe entering the morgue, with Curly and Larry in a tizzy brandishing fire arms; Moe opens the freezer raising a hammer to the Grandfather to remedy the situation.  We hear a "CONK," the freezer is closed; the second "CONK" goes to Curly.

And that's my take.

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