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Monday, July 18, 2011


From: Len Buccellato;
Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 8:02 AM
To: RCSstaff
It is with very great sadness that I announce that Ridge Creek School must close. The faculty and staff of RCS created the best therapeutic boarding school in the nation. Unfortunately 5 years ago the petition for a class action and the nonstop slanderous postings on blog sites since then has financially bankrupted the school and me personally.  In the past 17 years hundreds of children and their families  have had their lives changed and are now walking in positive directions.  It is truly sad that a small number of disturbed individuals can create such havoc and cause us to close. 

I ask each of you to continue to act in the most professional manner for the sake of the children.  We are very  much trying to get funds to cover last Friday’s payroll.  Thank you for all the hard work that you have dedicated to the children. No paycheck would ever be large enough to cover the investment that you made in their lives.  May God look over all of you and help your transition go as smoothly as possible.

Following in your footsteps is Casey Anthony, although your fabrications are an outrage to all decent psychologists. What is truly disgusting is that you bankrupted your own facility.  This has nothing to do with the Class Action lawsuit of 2006. The IRS liens go back as far as 2003, along with Material Man's liens, state and county liens, and lawsuit liens. You bilked your own school, parents, and more importantly your unethical behavior hurt the children and you have the audacity to blame others. 
You , Sir, took an oath as a psychologist, you Sir, are a mandatory reporter.
We will see you in court, Sir, along with all those complicit in your containment, and those that had an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to come forward for the children.

Mandatory reporting, Sir.


Lumpkin County Sheriff - End of May -  Youth  ----- --------- beat Student ------ ---------. The perpetrator had been at Ridge Creek School approximately 2 ½ weeks.  The perpetrator was not an appropriate intake for the facility and should never have been admitted - $20,000.00 deposit was taken by the facility and upon dismissal it has not been refunded.

Incident:  ----- --------- at lights out went into the room of ------- and climbed into the bed where ------- ------ was laying;  ----- --------- sat on --------  chest and beat him in the face.

------- ------ has shattered cheek bones - air pocket behind right eye - concussion - possible slight brain damage from last report of father ---- -----.

No DHS, ORCC, DFCS, or CPS report as of this writing.
Does this ring a bell Mr. Buccellato?  Ms. Edens?  It is the law to report attempted suicides and incidents like the one above.  This is what happens when your facility admits youths with conduct disorder, those that are violent, have felonious battery, sexual battery, and the list is extensive.  The ORCC did not see a problem with the commingling of Special Needs children with the aforementioned youth.  The DHS, the ORCC and DFCS are culpable, the ORCC enabled you, and turned a blinds eye to the safety of the children.
For the record Mr. Buccellato and Ms. Edens, you "fired" an innocent person in May; 'formally' it was a deemed a layoff.  I have never met ,nor have I ever exchanged emails, or had telephone conversations with K.E.  K.E. was not a "mole."  K.E .contact the Georgia Department of Labor. Then call the GAO and speak to them about manufacturing records.

In addition, it is too late to try to "pin" the financials on any more innocent people.  The IRS has had documents for years.  It is over Mr. Buccellato.

Oh, and that expensive art work of yours, Mr. Buccellato, the ones with the children’s blood on them, enjoy them while you can.

And that's my take.


  1. He's a delusional and demented man. Sad. All of a sudden he now cares about the children??? He's had YEARS to do the right thing, but he hasn't done it.

  2. And all God's people said, "AMEN"

  3. You're a liar, Len. Personal bankruptcy my ass. You've got money stashed in so many bank accounts you've probably lost track. And what about the tuition deposits that have come in over just the last few months? Where'd you hide it? You sure as hell didn't pay any bills with it, so why don't you use a little of this to pay your employees?

    But you like to play the victim, don't you. The innocent victim. It's always been somebody else's fault, hasn't it Len. It's been the kids' fault, or their parents' fault, or the fault of those who had to sue you in an effort to get the money you owe them, or the old stand-by, a few disgruntled ex-employees. Poor old Len.

    So you're having another shredding party, huh? Kinda like the one you had a few years ago when you thought you were in deep do-do. Or maybe you'll start another fire. Which building will go up in flames this time? And do you have any particular kids picked out to blame it on? You're pathetic, Len. You're pathetic and so crazy you're dangerous. You need to be put away, and from what I hear, you will be.

  4. It's true, Buchi's program was considered by all to be the "Cream of the Crop", raking in high dollar fees for abuse disguised as therapy. What the hell does that tell you about other programs still operating?

    If any child/family benefitted from their experience with HLA and all its subsequent iterations, I shudder to think how bad their lives were prior to HLA.

    I've always maintain that the kids were scared into "acting", and there was no lasting change. That they did well inspite of HLA, not because of HLA. That's why they required parents to send their kids to a boarding school of their choice upon completion, or the guarentee would be void. Had the kid gone home his/her parents would realize it was all smoke and mirrors.

    He may not be in the position he's in today had he not gotten greedy and taken a child who should never have been there. It was all downhill from there.

    "Slanderous postings on blogs". LOL I'd like to see him attempt to defend anything that has been posted about his little Hell Hole in N Georgia.

    Remember the Restrictions Diet- read 'starvation into submission'. Headmaster Greg Lindsey stood before parents and told them that "while austere, it had been approved by the Health Dept". A quick call to the HD revealed that HLA had never spoken to them about the diet and further, it wasn't even in their perview to approve diets at programs. Red Flag #1.

  5. To file a complaint against Anne Edens and/or Leonard Buccellato, please fill out this electronic complaint via this website:

  6. Distressed AmericanJuly 21, 2011 at 12:14 PM

    "The best therapeutic boarding school in the nation"???

    If that's the case, the USA should hang its head in shame. The idea that all of the others are even worse than this, is repugnant in the extreme.

  7. hear ye hear ye
    sound boots and saddles
    the seeds of greed reap wonderful vengeance


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