This blog is dedicated to "The Children Left Behind." We will not rest until the safety of our children and those that are entrusted with their mental health care are held accountable for abusing the children's God given rights, those rights upheld by our constitution, and those that have been complicit in obfuscating the truth!


Operating under the radar of regulation initially as Hidden Lake Academy, Inc.(HLA), and Ridge Creek Wilderness(RCW) the school managed to contain its anonymity. Forced licensing of Ridge Creek Wilderness, then Hidden Lake Academy placed the school under regulation by the ORS, now the ORCC. The name changed to Ridge Creek School(RCS), Ridge Creek-Mountain Brook, Ridge Creek Wilderness(remained  OCCP)under Ridge Creek, Inc. shifting the ORCC license to aforementioned schools.

Apparently, Ridge Creek School still operates as it wishes, in spite of ORCC oversight.  Why have oversight, why have an agency, if all the agency does is write reports, and do nothing?

Not only does/did Ridge Creek School and Ridge Creek Wilderness(defunct according to documents at the time, although RCS insisted DJJ children attended Ridge Creek Wilderness, not RCS in 2009, 2010,  when it was defunct - RCS needs to get their stories straight -a little conflicting?) take out of state adjudicated admissions on the sly (see previous ORCC reports ( contracts were in effect to place and admit DJJ children to a defunct Wilderness program,  those of whom obviously attend/attended RCS - who is kidding who?

Please visit Fornits  April 13, 2011 - DJJ Contracts:

"Recollections of Hidden Lake Academy and Ridge Creek School accusatory letters to the editor of the Dahlonega Nugget, interviews with the Dahlonega Nugget, letters to Parents and Guardians, declarations to the ORCC, interviews with media, declarations and interviews with DFCS investigators, letters from Hidden Lake Academy and Ridge Creek School attorneys, open letters to anyone Hidden Lake Academy, Ridge Creek School, etc. could get their hands on to skirt the truth, comes to mind.

Sometimes there is a fine line in what lay between the truth and fabrication, a gray area. This never has been the case with Hidden Lake Academy and Ridge Creek School; although "gray" and denial have been pushed to the max by Hidden Lake Academy and Ridge Creek School.

There is no grace here, it is time to close shop."

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