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Monday, June 13, 2016

Federal Trade Commission (FTC ) Finally Files Case Against Brookstone Law, Advantis Law, and Affiliate Cast of ‘Characters’

Last week, at the behest of a client of Brookstone Law, a quest ensued to garnish information regarding Brookstone Law and its’ associates (whom market themselves as experts in mortgage assistance relief and mortgage litigation). 
Concerns arose regarding one mass joinder lawsuit originally filed by Brookstone Law (Wright et al vs. Bank of America/Countrywide), to which the client was a plaintiff. 

“Brookstone Law was raided, eh?”

A troublesome cast of characters, businesses, along with failed, dysfunctional mass joinder lawsuits unraveled. Appearing to outshine, “The Wolf of Wall Street” by far, the FTC alleges Damian Kutzner, Brookstone Law, Advantis Law (is this entity related to Advantis Corp./medical marijuana distribution@same address?) et al committed fraud and did not target just the wealthy.

The FTC states distressed homeowners at risk of losing their homes were the perfect prey. Large upfront fees paid by homeowners in order to partake in a mass joinder lawsuit, along with monthly stipends charged by these firms directly conflict with the MARS RULE.

Apparently, there was no incentive for these wolves to win a case as the FTC alleges the defendants took in 15 million by 2014.  Brookstone’s business license in Nevada reads in default, current in California, and the offices in NY and Florida appear not ‘virtual’ afterall! To quote, “They are mail drops.”  

The last two days have found Brookstone Law /Group and Advantis Law websites removed from the internet.

  • “U.S. District Court in Los Angeles has placed Advantis Law and Brookstone Law under the control of a receiver. The Receiver was appointed in the case Federal Trade Commission v. Kutzner, et al., U.S. District Court (C.D. Cal.) Case No. SACV16-00999-BRO (AFMx).”
The FTC’s Complaint and the Temporary Restraining Order appointing the Receiver can be accessed here:

  • “The Receiver has suspended the business and has commenced a review of operations. The Court has set June 15, 2016 as the date for the hearing on whether to issue a Preliminary Injunction and make the Receiver’s appointment permanent. The Receiver will post an update after that hearing.”

Our take:

“Look, one would need several FBI whiteboards to sort this one out! THIS is above my pay grade!! Please call the California Bar Association, the CA Attorney General’s Office, the FTC, and the FBI."

"What about Advantis?" you ask.

“Oh, wait, which one? Perhaps, the defendants can plea they ‘copped’ too much of their own ‘distribution’ as a defense."

And, a little something to 'stew' 'er, chew on:

For victims: 

*Numerous attempts to reach Brookstone Law/Associates were to no avail.

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