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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Jackie Evancho's new album "Dream With Me" is out. At 10 years old her first album went "Platinum." Now she has a currently airing PBS "Great Performances" special with David Foster entitled, "Dream With Me In Concert." Both artists are beyond amazing!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Audit criticizes stimulus-funded jobs program | Atlanta Business Chronicle 
by Dave Williams
So this is why ORCC maintains the agency does not have electronic capability!
It just gets better all the time with Georgia's DHS. It's time to clean house Mr. Reese.
Don't let the door hit y'all on the way out.



THE STATE OF GEORGIA'S  DFCS/ORCC/DHR/DHS//DJJ records indicate that DFCS places children/youths that are diagnosed with severe mental health disorders and violent adjudicated youths from different Georgia counties to Ridge Creek, Inc., Ridge Creek School and/or its affiliate entities; youth that are inappropriately placed  in violation of  ORCC  regulations, and Ridge Creek Inc.’s own admissions policies.  Obviously, it is not just this facility. 

ORCC Survey reports and ACTS findings indicate the ORCC inconsistently cites Ridge Creek, Inc. for accepting youths inappropriate to their own admission policy and the ORCC regulations. It is horrid enough that out-of-state judges and educational consultants sanction placement of violent, adjudicated youths, but  DFCS?  Should not the ORCC be citing DFCS?  Wherein lays the accountability? Is it possible that DFCS mistakenly assumes Ridge Creek, Inc. and its affiliate entities retain a PRTF(Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility) license or RTF (Residential Treatment Facility) license?  Would  DFCS not check? Of course not. 

According to DFCS on the date this article was written, “DFCS has no contract with Ridge Creek, Inc.”  DFCS states “waivers are used” in lieu of contracts.  Apparently, over all these years, the ORCC and DFCS did not feel they held an ethical or fiduciary responsibility to ensure that private pay parents/guardians of Special Needs children deserved to be advised that suicidal, violent, adjudicated youth were/are being placed at Ridge Creek, Inc. and /or its affiliate entities; or any other CCI or OCCP in Georgia.  “It is not within our scope,” they decry.  “We cannot control the facilities marketing fraud, call the better business bureau.” Heck, half the time the ORCC, DFCS, and the DJJ don’t even know exactly which program they are dealing with.  “Riverdance” indeed.

Need for change as the below has led to horrific, unnecessary consequences.

  •  ORCC has not mandated in its regulations that private pay parents of innocent, non-violent, Special Needs, non-adjudicated children will not be co-mingled with violent youths placed by DFCS, or other agencies - both instate and out-of-state. This does not work and is a recipe for disaster - one that is apparent over years at Ridge Creek School.  Change is needed.

  •  Ridge Creek, Inc. and its affiliate entity programs market themselves as a CCI and OCCP  licensed by the ORCC.  In actuality Ridge Creek, Inc, and its affiliates operate as an unlicensed RTF, PRTF, and/or Youth Camp. The ORCC knows this, DFCS knows this, the DJJ knows this, and if the agencies do not, or it is beyond the agencies scope, that in itself, is egregious. Other facilities follow suit; consequences and accountability is needed for all concerned and not just pertaining to the facilities.  Allowing this carte blanche mentality amongst the agencies, along with these facilities, is deadly.

  • Liability Insurance – Although facilities like Ridge Creek School admit at risk youth through DFCS, the DJJ, and other private third parties, the ORCC does not require Liability Insurance.  Even Daycare providers must have insurance.  Change is needed.


In August of 2006, the ORS under Director Keith Bostick, cited Ridge Creek Wilderness  with 31 violations, 13 of which were repeat violations, and the ORS verbally reported there was adverse action upon the facility - a laughable $299.00 fine.  An Open Records Request was placed in 2011 to ascertain whether there really was adverse action and a fine instituted.  Much ado, stalling…then, “all 2006 records were purged.”  A document surfaces, apparently not purged, noted as 08/16/06 investigation of Ridge Creek Wilderness(OTP) with a fine denoted in the tiny heading (response to the Open Record Request).   Empty boxes, no date stamp, no record stamp, no identifying marks on the front or back page and in a discreet little box on the back page under “Legal Notes” in minute print:

“1/5/07 – ORS Director’s decision to not proceed with adverse action due to time delay and facility correction of deficiencies prior to the visit.” 

Really?  Prior to what visit? Date?  Corrections?  After 08/16/06, there were no violations?  How about “The Chalet?”  Now, “a Tavern.”  That is for another story and it is a doozie.

Mr. Keith Bostick is now with DFCS.

·    Another DJJ contract and application has miraculously appeared from 2008, clearly stating by Ridge Creek, Inc. that Ridge Creek, Inc. was the corporate entity under which Creekside Wilderness would be the operating program. Since 2009, the ORCC and the DJJ emphatically stated they never heard of Creekside Wilderness.  The program was not licensed, yet youths were sent there under Ridge Creek, Inc.which is the corporate veil.  Then  ORCC Director Dave Statton chose not to address Creekside Wilderness in an email, nor was there an effective answer given during our conference call. During which, someone from the ORCC chimes in “are you talking about 2009?” ORCC stated that the programs themselves must be a CCI for a DJJ contract, and vice versa, not the corporation.  RCW, RCS, and RC-MB were all shockingly licensed, not Creekside Wilderness Academy.


The existence of Creekside Wilderness since its inception, obviously only on paper, was presented to the Northern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court, documented on the DJJ applications, and contracts in 2008 and 2009, yet nary a soul in the state agencies acknowledge that Creekside Wilderness existed.  If in 2009 any of the aforementioned agencies gave a hoot, their fingers could have tapped their way through “Google” to the “Creekside Wilderness Academy” website.  Instead, it was easier to give parents, advocates, and children the finger.  For years, all agencies circumvented the truth regarding placement of adjudicated youth; it was not just Ridge Creek, Inc., formerly Hidden Lake Academy, Inc. skewing the truth.


It just gets better.  According to documents, DFCS places inappropriate children to either Ridge Creek School, Ridge Creek Wilderness, Ridge Creek-Mountain Brook, Creekside Wilderness, all under corporate Ridge Creek, Inc.(same compound). The ORCC comes in and cites Ridge Creek Inc.’s affiliate programs (inconsistently and rarely) for admitting inappropriate children and violating Ridge Creek’s own admission policies, and the ORCC regulations. Now it makes sense not to violate Ridge Creek, Inc. for ALL admission policy violations, because in truth, DFCS is one of the agencies that apparently placed the inappropriate youths at the facility.

The agencies and their Directors have no worry as their carte blanche is abused.  Their salvation is “sovereign immunity,” which means no accountability. Emails and letters spanning 10 years, conflict, avoid, and placate.  We must laud these efforts. Their containment makes Vegas look tame.  

The ORCC and DFCS mission is to protect the children. The agencies have repeatedly enabled and protected the perpetrator, themselves, and not the citizens.  Salvation?  Who will step up for “the children left behind?”  Obviously, it is not the ORCC or DFCS.  Cite their own agency?  Get real.

Ridge Creek School may best Stephen King, but this Georgia agency debacle makes “Conspiracy Theory” look like a stroll in the park.

And that’s my take.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To paraphrase, Bill Maher again referred to Sarah Palin's acumen as that of a "Stewardess" on “Piers Morgan” last night.   "Stewardess" is an antiquated description of a "Flight Attendant," and more recently “Cabin Crew.”

Before and During World War II, the "Stewardesses" were required to hold R.N. degrees; the R.N. requirement waned during WORLD WAR II as the women enlisted in the armed forces.  Many that survived World War II continued flying.

In the 1970’s the term, “Stewardess” phased out into the more gender neutral “Flight Attendant.”  Much to Bill Maher’s sexist, self-serving, pontificating, bloviating, and degrading declarations, in the 1970’s forward, Flight Attendant’s were required to be educated.  Overseas flights required the Flight Attendant to possess two or more languages, and at all times place the safety of the pilots, passengers, canines and felines above their own which would include even cretins like Bill Maher … I know, I was a Flight Attendant.

I grew up in a neighborhood of former World War II pilots and former “Stewardesses” that were R.N.’s. 

Raised in an American-Armenian home, English and Armenian were spoken, along with French, Greek, Turkish, German, and Spanish.  All siblings achieved a BA or Master’s degree, along with continuing education and life experience.

Several of my Flight Attendant brethren brought diverse backgrounds, those that did not have a degree were working and going to college on their days off, or they were working on ‘other’ careers such as the career Bill Maher is blessed with.

Never in my most insane moments, would I ever think I was better than these wonderful human beings because I had a college degree.

Not to appear sexist, the first “Stewardess,”- “Flight Attendant” was a gentleman called Heinrich Kubis of Germany in 1912.  Females eventually replaced males, wonder why?  It was not just their skirts.  The tide swung back to keep up with the times and now both female and male "Flight Attendants" are part of the Cabin Crew.

Of the human beings that perished  on September 11th, 2001 five of the female Flight Attendants and  one male Flight Attendant  were cited as proactively having attempted to protect passengers from assault; providing vital information to air traffic controllers regarding the hijackings.  Those Flight Attendants were :Sandra W. Bradshaw and CeeCee Lyles of United Airlines Flight 93, Robert Fangman of United Airlines Flight 175, Renee May of American Airlines Flight 77 and Betty Ong and Madeline Amy Sweeney of American Airlines Flight 11) .

Therefore, Bill Maher, in an in-flight emergency, it is too bad that we do not stop at cretins; unfortunately you are at our table, so we cannot just let you bend over and kiss your ass good-bye.

And that’s my take.

Staff  Update: 'Just read up on Nancy Johnson - no wonder ...

Thursday, June 9, 2011



          Provider Watch - May 17, 2011 - Dave Statton Reduced from ORCC Force
"Dave Statton, the Director of the Office of Residential Child Care, Georgia's licensing arm for Residential Child Care, has been discharged from the Department of Human Services by reason of "Reduction of Force." Dave Statton served under former Commissioner Walker as her Chief of Staff. Since her departure and the subsequent reorganization of DHS, Statton has served as the Director of the Office of Residential Child Care."

LaMarva Ivory has been named as Interim Director. 

RIF (Reduction in Force) Laws in Georgia re: DHS/DHR employee:

Page IV  (Section D ) Required Notice

1. When a DHS organizational unit proposes to eliminate one (1) or NOTICE more classified positions or proposes to terminate one (1) or more classified employees through a RIF, written notice must be given to affected employees at least 30 days before the effective date. The notice must include: 1.1 The nature of the proposed action with respect to the affected employee; and, 1.2 The affected employee’s rights with respect to the proposed RIF, including:
o any right of appeal;
o other opportunities with respect to possible continued employment; .....
As stated previously, during a conference call on Thursday May 12, 2011, Mr. Satton gave no indication that he was leaving the ORCC as Director on Friday May 13, 2011.  In fact, his demeanor indicated quite the opposite, offering to 'personally' receive input from concerned parents/advocates on regulatory changes regarding CCI's and OCCP's in the coming year.  Now unless he is bi-polar, reflective of the 'official' announcement (discharged, RIF)  this does not appear to be a RIF.  Although, after dealing with the ORS, now ORCC over the years, this would be of no surprise.

Then Director Mr. Dave Statton, submitted  the ORCC Performance Report in February of 2011which does not paint a pretty portrait of the ORCC and their oversight. The amount of citations and the resulting adverse action and fines levied are reflective of the inadequacies of the ORCC and its complacency in seeking accountability of the facilities that continuously violate the ORCC regulations.  Again, if there are no consequences for the facilities in violation, why bother sending in ORCC and DFCS surveyors?  For puff and fluff? 

Submitted by: David V. Statton, Director. February 16, 2011. 2. ...                                                                                     

The administrative staffing of these Georgia agencies offer a rampant antiquated mentality of recycled staff with a lack luster vision other than containment and the more than apparent enabling of facilities that harm our children.  Those of whom appear to bask in the glory of authority have forgotten their mission is to protect the children. And why not?  There is no accountability for them either.

"Our hands are tied."  Tell that to the recycled faces and blank, emotionless eyes of Special Needs children that the ORCC allows to be comingled with violent, adjudicated youths in these so called CCI's.  "Our regulations for CCI's do not require the children be separated."

Prisons even separate violent offenders.

Go ahead, pat yourselves on the back.

Good luck Mr. Statton.  RIF indeed.  The children should be so fortunate.

And that's my take.


Monday, June 6, 2011


Is this another hoax?

Once again, current and former staff are reporting Ridge Creek School did not meet payroll last Friday. Reason? IRS ASSET SEIZURE Seriously?

History of the corporation, formerly/currently for tax purposes under Hidden Lake Academy, Inc.(for-profit),the former(?) management company of HLA,Inc.(non-profit), and Ridge Creek, Inc. clearly indicate Federal, State, and County taxes were/are years in arrears.

Although the The Class Action suit of 2006, Ryan et al vs. Hidden Lake Academy, Inc. was blamed for much of this - that was misinformation. The State of Georgia(current tax records), Lumpkin County, Georgia(current tax records),along with the IRS tax records provided during the Northern District of Georgia bankruptcy court proceedings covering before, during, and after the Class Action Lawsuit confirm liens, arrears, and tardiness of all tax payments spanning years.

If the "Asset Seizure", the current offer of sale of the properties, and the limited Administrative staff are a correct summation as to the state of affairs regarding Ridge Creek School, Ridge Creek Wilderness, Ridge Creek-Mountain Brook, Mountainbrook Academy,et al -

What about the welfare of the children left behind?

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