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Monday, June 6, 2011


Is this another hoax?

Once again, current and former staff are reporting Ridge Creek School did not meet payroll last Friday. Reason? IRS ASSET SEIZURE Seriously?

History of the corporation, formerly/currently for tax purposes under Hidden Lake Academy, Inc.(for-profit),the former(?) management company of HLA,Inc.(non-profit), and Ridge Creek, Inc. clearly indicate Federal, State, and County taxes were/are years in arrears.

Although the The Class Action suit of 2006, Ryan et al vs. Hidden Lake Academy, Inc. was blamed for much of this - that was misinformation. The State of Georgia(current tax records), Lumpkin County, Georgia(current tax records),along with the IRS tax records provided during the Northern District of Georgia bankruptcy court proceedings covering before, during, and after the Class Action Lawsuit confirm liens, arrears, and tardiness of all tax payments spanning years.

If the "Asset Seizure", the current offer of sale of the properties, and the limited Administrative staff are a correct summation as to the state of affairs regarding Ridge Creek School, Ridge Creek Wilderness, Ridge Creek-Mountain Brook, Mountainbrook Academy,et al -

What about the welfare of the children left behind?

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