This blog is dedicated to "The Children Left Behind." We will not rest until the safety of our children and those that are entrusted with their mental health care are held accountable for abusing the children's God given rights, those rights upheld by our constitution, and those that have been complicit in obfuscating the truth!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


With relief, according to staff, the GOA visit Wednesday and after Tuesdays visit by  DFCS and CPS's to the Ridge Creek School campus, all children have left the campus.

Now the unraveling begins, all parties from the state to the mandatory reporters to the staff, and former staff will be held accountable, including the accrediting commission Advanc-Ed.  All professional licenses of current and former staff are being reviewed;   outside investigations for negligence and ethical violations pertaining to their professional and/or fiduciary responsiblities will commenced.

As of 2:30 yesterday afternoon, Ridge Creek School officially closed.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Georgia Advocacy Office(the GAO) for their commitment to the safety of  "The Children Left Behind." 

And that's my take.

Note:  Please see correction in below comments. 07-22-2011.  Thank you.  Jilliestake staff.


  1. Good news!

    So, is the moral of this story to bypass regulatory agencies and go directly to GAO?

  2. Correction - To clarify, the GAO can only make recommendations. The point stated in an earlier post "Yes" was to point out that the
    moral of the story is to bypass the regulatory agencies to nowhere. There is no one above the regulatory agency that will help, unless the regulatory agency itself requests help from the, Federal AG, US. Attorney's Office. Citizens cannot request an investigation according to the US attorney's Office, The State AG protects the agencies. Sovereign Immunity protects the agencies and staff. Essentially, other than a private attorney, there is no state help.


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