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Monday, July 18, 2011


Sources say that Leonard Buccellato is selling everything off today with the help of Mike Smith.  But, do not run so fast to purchase items.  There are IRS liens on his personal property, on the facility property, SSI liens, County liens, State liens, and liens from lawsuits against Buccellato and property.  A TRO will probably be granted, if not today, then hopefully by tomorrow.  This is illegal people.  The IRS has been notified.  If you actually think in helping him sell off items, he will make good on your salaries, you are all nuts.
One would surmise from Mr. Buccellato's history, that the only reason he would wish to contain the closing of the facility until Friday, is to give them all time to sell off everything before the state closes them down.  It is not, nor ever, has it been about the children. 

To believe that parents would actually take referral advice from people complicit in this cover-up, from those that have stolen monies from the families through fraud, one would need to be out of their mind.  Another family was just recently scammed out of almost $25,000.00 for fees and deposits, with full knowledge of the financial crisis that would lead to the closing.

No one disclosed anything to the parents.  The ORCC never bothered to check the financial viability of this facility, but in all fairness even if the ORCC had, it is apparent that there are several "books," according to several former staff.  Heck, the educational consultants get their $4,000.00 hit on the front end and those more unscrupulous get it on the back end, so what do they care.

Simply stated: It is not Mr. Buccelllato's property to sell. 

In addition, if the shredding parties have not commenced, do not fret or bother.  Many employees have copied documents upon departure as far back as 2005.  A fire is not a good idea right now.  The artwork is probably on its way to Tahiti.

This was received by Jilliestake today:
From: Len Buccellato <                     >
Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:28 AM
To: RCSstaff
We are attempting to sell items on campus to make sure that payroll is met  If you know anyone interested in purchasing anything on campus, please have them call Mike Smith.
Friday is not about the children.  More children are scheduled to go home Wednesday.  There are several lawsuits that have been filed previously to the announcement of closing citing negligence and fraud.  There will be much more.

And that's my take.

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  1. Hell yeah! A "fire" sale (insert sarcasm)! I can't wait for the "yard" sale. Maybe Lenny will have a white bread and cheese sandwich stand to raise $$$. Hell, ihf there's a fire going he could offer up a grilled cheese stand! Maybe we can get some artwork he tried to hawk at those chapel fund events. Oh, I'm sure that's on the list of stuff to sell too.

    Maybe we can buy some of those degrees that everyone else paid for - I hear they're worth a few pennies! Throw a Lifetime certificate in there and I just might actually donate $5.00.

    How much are those fake psych evals worth? Can I buy those for 10 on the dollar? If I can my butt is going to be RICH!

    Lenny - we have no pity for you. You are a coward and a fraud. Now everyone knows what we've said for YEARS!


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