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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Attorney Jose Baez made a thoughtless blunder when he gave voice to Caylee Marie Anthony during his interview with Barbara Walters. Mr. Baez stated, “Caylee would never have wanted her mother to suffer this way.” Caylee Marie, a toddler at the time of her death, would not wish her Mummie to “suffer,” for Caylee Marie would not, could not, or should not have known what “suffer” even means - nor should any child.

Joy Behar interviewed  Anthony Attorney Dorothy Cay Simms asking,"would you let Casey babysit your kids?" - her answer sums in all up in a clearly uncomfortable moment.

To all, won’t you please take a moment to sign Caylee’s Law in Memory of Caylee Marie Anthony August 5, 2005 – July 16, 2008 for all the children at
To Cindy, George, and Lee Anthony – again, our sincere sorrow. Even more so, for if George Anthony did not remove Caylee Marie from that pool, he also knows his daughter, although acquitted of murder, was not innocent.  

    "Caylee Marie"
   Almost three
    Not sad
     I am free!
      I have wings
       God gave me!
       Not shy
        I can fly!
         I can dance
          Not just prance!
          I can spring 
          Can I sing!
          I can float
          Like a boat!
          If I wish
          I'm a fish!
          I can twirl
          I am -
          God’s little girl!
                  May God forever hold you in the palm if His hand little Caylee Marie.

And that's my take.


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