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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Reports have come in that it wasn't just the "Little Toy Soldiers" that were playing the "Lone Ranger" protecting Ridge Creek School facility Wednesday. There were no funds to pay the food service, but it seems there were enough funds coming from another bank account to replace one broken shredder with numerous shredders in all departments. Surely roller blades were handed out also. No sightings of Mr. Essert amongst the "Toy Animals," he was smart enough to stay put in Arizona.  Obviously, Mr. Buccellato could not afford to hire a shredding truck again; another building burned to the ground would just be a bit over-the-top.

What is amazing is that the staff that remained would even think of digging in and shredding documents, "Little Toy Soldiers" indeed.  'Just pray your names do not get released.

Even more amazing is that the  DHS, its ORCC, CPS or DFCS did not think to place a TRO on computers and documents.
Why?  Because it would be too difficult a venture to even contemplate bringing charges against Ridge Creek School facility and Leonard Buccellato by either of these agencies. Honestly, one does not even know if these people can spell "contemplate" or understand the meaning of it.  We have never seen so many PhD's that have no clue.  After all these years, other than the GAO, I had the pleasure of actually speaking with a Director Tuesday that actually appeared to care,  "got it," was gracious, and obviously bright - but it was too late. 
The FBI, well, apparently they are as lethargic as the state agencies, in Georgia at least; they were contacted four weeks ago.  No telling where the Department of Treasury has been - vacation?

The only TRO that was filed on July 19th 2011 was from an attorney representing a family that received a judgement against Buccellato and had a lien.  But when the cats away.... the shredders apparently crank up in full force.

So here we go again.  The bank accounts affiliated with the school have been closed.  Employees that did receive checks on the closed accounts are bouncing.  Whether the banks will go after Buccellato is another story and what an apparent felonious story it is - stupidity actually. 

What ever the events of the last few years and more so recently, if it wasn't for the children it would be tantamount to watching " The Three Stooges," not near as entertaining, and it does take a rocket scientist to guess who plays "Moe."

And that's my take.

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