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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Sources out of Dahlonega, Georgia still maintain that staff did not receive paychecks.  Another source states that there are 24 children left in the facilities care. Another source is reporting that the food service provider has pulled out.  Naturally, Mr, Buccellato has not informed parents or guardians, but word on the street is that there are angels of mercy at work.

The LCSO paid a welfare check on the children Friday evening, did not wake the children, but spoke with staff.

So far this has not been refutted. This was received by Jilliestake,  and was also received by the media.

"Len Buccellato to RCSstaff
show details 1:11 PM (6 hours ago)

From: Len Buccellato
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 8:00 AM
To: Len Buccellato
Subject: We will be unable to release paychecks this Friday. Some tuition money is out and the Fox 5 story has definitely hurt our projected enrollment. I know that this delay in paychecks has a definite impact on every staff member. I truly regret the pain and inconvenience that it will cause. We will try to get everyone paid as soon as possible. I ask each of you to be professional and not discuss this on campus. We do not need students hearing this and acting out. The financial concerns of RC are based on enrollment. A few disgruntled ex-ployees are creating a perfect storm that is fueling a negative PR disaster. Please be professional. On a positive note we are in the process of working through a refinancing package that will greatly alleviate financial concerns. Again I truly regret that paychecks will be delayed."

On a lighter note:

Luckily, it's the weekend; the ORCC, DFCS, and CPS Administrators will unleash their tied hands to dig into barbecue.  Perhaps they are meetin' up with former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford on the Apppalachian Trail.  Reports are comin' in that although Sanford has not been sighted, a "mobile lab" has turned over on the trail, and unleashed "The Chapel Fund."   Hikers report scavengers are feastin' on the 'funds', singin, "Goin' to the Chapel."

On a heavier note:

It has been advised that those who walked away should call their local FBI office and sing a different tune.

To quote an "angel of mercy" who offered in context another quote, Jilliestake quotes:  "For those that justify they did what they could and thought they were helping I am drawn to another quote, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

This author shall look forward to seeing you all in court, sans "The Chicken Judge."

And that's my take.


  1. This email from Buccellato is so typical of him: blaming his troubles on others rather than himself. His financial shortfall is the fault of Fox News. Right. Having watched Buccellato manipulate others for a number of years, I would bet that Ridge Creek's supposed inability to make payroll is another ruse concocted by him to exaggerate his situation in an attempt to garner sympathy for himself and those in his employ. Nice try, Bucchi.

  2. Which is not true? To refute, please supply evidence in support of what you deem is "not true." If supplied documentation refutes prior documentation to which the poster 'stipulates' "not true" and is deemed to conflict with what is reported, responding evidence will be posted and if proven, retraction will be considered. If poster does not respond, the post will be redacted. Reply to Thank you.

    Jilliestake Staff

  3. shut him down already, dont they realize he keeps re-opening his therapeutic criminal operation under different names?

    How many innocent teens lives have to be wrecked/destroyed cause of his greed?
    Forget the poor kids, look at how manipulative bucci is, haha.

    i wish i could run into half those redneck morons today. AND THATS THE TRUTH AND IT HURTS!

  4. Buccalato's brother runs a school in Atlanta & he is always cutting corners & behaving unethically. At staff meetings tells employees "this is a business to make money" Sounds like the family motto.

  5. La Famiglia of a feather ... Interesting that the school shows it is SAIS/SACS accredited. Advanc-Ed does not show SACS accreditation for Saint Francis High School/St. Francis on their accreditation web-site. Must be an oversight by Advanc-Ed.

  6. It is accredited by AdvancED(SACS)as Saint/St.Francis Day School, which if Ridge Creek School's accreditation fiasco is any indication of the worthiness and integrity of AdvancED(SACS) and their accreditation team, it means nothing.

  7. "Unethical" Anonymous is a polite term.


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