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Friday, July 15, 2011


The rumor mill has kicked in.  It has even made its way to the media and obviously Jilliestake.

While the good State of Georgia's ORCC apparently takes two months to figure out if there is a Special Education Teacher, a Special Education Program for Special Needs Children with IEP's, 504's, and while SAC's is apparently in the Ozarks still looking for the invisible "mobile lab," it is being reported, although not substantiated by Jilliestake, that RCI staff will not receive their paychecks tomorrow - again.  Sources state Mr. Buccellato, the owner, has informed the staff and stated that RCI was working on a refinancing package.

It would not be a surprise if this is pulled off, as nothing comes as a surprise anymore.
However, with tax liens totaling upwards of 1.5 million dollars to include IRS, State, County, Cobb County Parent's lawsuit liens, BB&T 's mortgage note 7.+ million, and the amount of equity, it would appear that this would not even approach 10%, never mind the commission, and closing costs at a low of 5%..  Stranger things have happened.

Checkmate?  There is another hypothetical scenario.  Suppose there is no refinancing,  just more smoke and mirrors. Or, the financing does not come through.  Narcissists do not care about staff, they are expendable.  Hire them, let them all move their families, and ruin their lives. Let the incoming families mortgage their homes to give you three months deposit, pre-paid tuition, and not disclose that the facility is for sale, the IRS has liens upon the facility, that next week the facility is closing or the land is sold.  Let children and youths that are adjudicated or Special Needs cross state lines with no ICPC, do not disclose to Educational Consultants the truth, and go off into the sunset with no accountability.  After all, what's a dozen or so attempted suicides.  As long as they are not reported, they didn't happen. Right?
Blame it on disgruntled parents, disgruntled employees, heck, it's worked for years.

The board is set with players, it will play out, but this is one chess game that needs to be completed in a court of law and for scenarios, threes a charm. Hundreds of lives have been destroyed because of those who could not or refused to see and did not speak for those who cannot. You all walked away, each and every one of you, except a handful.  It is time to stop walking. It is understandable that this industry wishes to protect their own, but at what expense? For God's sake, a 12 year old Special Needs child does not need to be hanging from a rope and in no way shape or form needs to be commingled with violent, adjudicated 18 year olds that are diagnosed with conduct disorder. 

And that's my take ...  "For the Children Left Behind"

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