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Friday, July 8, 2011


 Oh, by the way, if a parent would like their child to join this elite group of youths, to the tune of $5,400.00 a month, the following is a partial list of Educational Consultants/Educational Planners(1) that formerly referred to Hidden Lake Academy and apparently continued to refer to Ridge Creek School. The list may not be current.  Note: If your child is currently incarcerated, on probation, or in a mental health facility, you may contact the school directly. * Please note: Ridge Creek School facility closed in July of 2011.

RCS Facebook-Apparently, there is no charge for "blunts"
However, according to a former parent that recently pulled their child, Educational Consultant Patricia (Patty) Murphy of Chevy Chase, Maryland charged them $4,000.00 to be directed to Ridge Creek School.  Once their child entered the school and the check was cashed, the parent states Ms. Murphy ceased contact with them.  I'll bet.

Accountability?  Move over State of Georgia ...  By the way, Fulton County Magistrate Court is where you can ask for accountability, although the limit is $15,000. that should cover most Educational Consultant fees and 2 months deposit of tuition.

Educational Consultants that refer or have referred to Ridge Creek School and affiliates, including the former Hidden Lake Academy. These Educational Consultants were well aware of the less than stellar circumstances surrounding this facility.  If they plead they weren't, it was there job to know.  The families place their trust in them, and the Educational Consultants have a moral, ethical, and fiduciary responsibility to the parents and minor children they service.   They recommended children with IEP's, 504's, Aspergers, Dislexia, and the list goes on, without any Special Needs Program or teacher.  Take a bow.

Honorable Mention
**Creme de la crème

Diane Albrecht  San Francisco California
Diane Arnold Lafayette Colorado
Tamara Ancona Alpharetta Georgia
Susan Bigg Chicago, Illinois*
Leonard Buccellato Atlanta/ Dahlonega GA
Nancy Cadwallader Baton Rouge, Louisiana**
Miriam Consuegra Key Biscayne, Florida*
Shirley B.  Darling  Denver, Colorado
Nancy Edwards  New York**
Leslie Goldberg Massachusetts**
Elizabeth(Liz) J. Gordon  Michigan*
Jean Hague Atlanta Georgia*
BJ Hopper  Atlanta Georgia*
Nancy Ike Cincinnati Ohio
Wendy Khan Illinois
Londa May Houston Texas*
Martha Moses Miami Florida**
Patricia Murphy Maryland*
Patricia Phelan Portland, Oregon
Judi Robinovitz Boca Raton Florida**
Marsha Rubenstein  West Hartford, Connecticut**
Paula L. Rudy  California
Mike R. Sheppard  Texas
Jeanette Spires Chicago Illinois
Peter Sturtevant  Washington D.C.
Adele Williamson Baton Rouge Louisiana**
Rhea Wolfram Dallas, Texas**
Imy Wax Deerfield Illinois *
Christie T. Woodfin  Atlanta, GA*

And that's my take.



  1. I was a student at the former Hidden Lake Academy from 2004 to 2006. that place was a fucking joke. not only did it not lift a finger to help the students in any way shape or form, in fact all the teachers did was break the kids down, up to 5 kids are now dead due to various incidents following attendance of Hidden lake academy. if you want your child to survive, DONT SEND THEM HERE

  2. Educational consultants are generally well informed. When they aren't, bad things can happen, like you said in this article. It is important to make sure an education consultant has qualifications. If they can show you certifications, and have a history, they can be good.

    1. Dear Mike,
      In this case and a myriad of others, educational consultants were more than "well-informed," yet they continued to recommended and place children in facilities that were a disgrace. It still continues. Many states allow access to site reports by what little oversight there is, not to mention the back-end they receive from colleagues about the 'goings-on' in these facilities. So we are in agreement - "well-informed." A total disgrace.


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