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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Parent speaks out about Educational Consultant Patricia Murphy and the Ridge Creek School Facility

This is not the first time, doubtful it will it be the last within the "Teen Help Industry." Educational consultant Patricia (Patti) Murphy has plenty of company where referring to the Ridge Creek School facility (formerly Hidden Lake Academy) was concerned.

What we have encountered is that most of the families have walked away for various reasons.  Litigation is expensive and the commitment is taxing, especially when one is up against not only a now defunct facility (personal bankruptcy this round), but the Georgia state agencies that allowed the perpetuated fraud to continue, while enjoying protection under sovereign immunity(although it is not totally impenetrable, near though). 

Federal laws regarding out-of-state admissions and in-state admissions were also violated.  Educational Consultants such as Patricia (Patti) Murphy were sent documents over the years showing violations (those that were reported and those that Ridge Creek were caught not reporting) generated by Georgia's Office of Residential Child Care(ORCC); yet, Ms. Murphy and her colleagues continued to refer to the former Hidden Lake Academy and/or the Ridge Creek facility.  Educational consultants apparently did not feel the need to do any research, completely vet this facility and it affiliates through the ORCC reports, the Class Action Lawsuit of 2006 (this lawsuit was not just contractual), and the previous bankruptcy. If the Educational Consultants bothered to ascertain the facts and protect the children,  many families and their children would have been spared much heartache.  They chose nepotism, blind trust of the perpetrators, and their purse-strings over what reason and logic dictate.

There was no follow through by Educational Consultants, the ORCC, the Compact Commission, and AdvancEd (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) regarding placement of Special Needs children at a facility that had no Special Needs program.  Federal and State ICPC violations were rampant.

This will continue to happen inside and outside our country until educational consultants are held accountable and held to a higher ethical standard than the current state of their affairs; unfortunately, more than not, they appear as nepotistic as Georgia's agencies.

The Therapeutic Boarding School industry is a multi-billion dollar farce that took off because someone or group saw the need and its mega financial benefits.  IECA and NATSAP cohorts are now well aware of the gravy train presented to them by Special Needs children and those with drug problems.  As one stated, "Aspergers is quite lucrative."   Beware, targets (Special Needs children)  have gone in the direction of "Autism Spectrum Disorders" and "pill poppers;" after all, it is "quite lucrative."  Marketing to Special Needs families is now in full swing.

School districts need to address and create Special Needs programs that are structured within their own communities, so our children are not farmed out into a "Teen Help Industry" that is not equipped, trained with certified teachers, or licensed care-givers for Special Needs Children.

Parents report there are Special Needs programs that are not fraudulent and have had success, but there are few and far between.  Seek out these families.  Do not go on the recommendation from the facility, educational consultant, or marketing brochures that offer a call list with former "happy campers."  Stay away from "Advisory Boards," like Penn State, most individuals are connected or benefit in some fashion.

Please be your child's advocate.  Do your research.  Advocate for school districts to be proactive in building a Special Needs program within your own district.  If an Educational Consultant smiles brightly, then states that a facility in Costa Rica would be beneficial for your child - or suggests a Wilderness Camp - run.

And that's my take.

*If you would like the DOJ contact please write/email, but at least file your complaint with your Congressional District, Ombudsman, and/or your state's Office of the Child Advocate.  You may also contact Director Tonya Boga - Office of the Child Advocate, Atlanta Georgia.

Concerned Citizen
This woman is a fraud. She charged me $4,000 to place my child in a school that she knew was under investigation for mismanagement, including unlicensed educational and therapeutic care - there were rapes and attempted suicides, while my son was there -- the children were not safe and she refused to acknowledge this fact, let alone talk to me at all. As soon as she took my money, she completely ceased all communication with me by phone and email. I would not be surprised if this woman received kickbacks from the school to place children there. Do not associate with this woman - she is a fraud. I am not the only person she fleeced - see 


  1. "School districts need to address and create Special Needs programs that are structured within their own communities, so our children are not farmed out into a "Teen Help Industry" that is not equipped, trained with certified teachers, or licensed care-givers for Special Needs Children."
    Surely this is the answer to the "Teen Help Industry" problem, unfortunately budget cuts will continue to prevent creation of special needs programs within communities. Apparently public education can afford to lose what little funding it has left....Many school districts are tossing around the idea of 4 day school weeks. That sounds lovely, no school on Monday. What are the parents who work 9-5 Monday through Friday going to do with their children? Let alone parents who mainstream their children with special needs? Kids are going to go nuts, they will probably have to start calling it "MondayFunday". Juvenile delinquency will definitely increase if this is to happen. It is all sickening to me. x0x0

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