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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New allegations of abuse leveled involving Jerry Sandusky's Grandchild

More sorrow for all concerned. 

It is now being reported that Jerry Sandusky's daugher-in-law has filed a complaint with Centre County Children and Youth Services alleging Jerry Sandusky abused his grandchild.

Sandusky attorney Joe Amendola states that the "allegations are ridiculous and unfounded."
Mr. Amendola has also made light of the situation, stating that this arose from a "family dispute."  "Jerry has absolutley denied any inappropriate contact with his grandkids."

Whether or not the daughter-in-law in question is the mother of Matt Sandusky's children, who recently went to court to obtain an order where Jerry Sandusky is now allowed unsupervised or overnight visits with his grandchildren, has not been confirmed.

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