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Thursday, March 21, 2013


"Coming in 2013! Straight Incorporated was a “family treatment center” that was dedicated to preventing teenagers from using drugs and alcohol. The “treatment” modality used at Straight was an American version of the infamous re-education centers of the USSR and China. Instead of political dissidents being reformed in the communist mold, Straight took troubled teens and re-programmed them as “Straightlings.” New clients were forcibly indoctrinated with the “Tools of Personal Change” while simultaneously deprived of the most basic human rights." Read more at:

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  1. My son was there from June 1988 thru Sept 1988. I formed F.A.D.D. against Straight and continued to fight them until they closed their facility in Columbia, MD 1992. I know the horrifics about this so called drug program. My son has never forgotten the experience, it changed him forever. By the grace of God he is well today and functioning BUT not because of Straight, Inc. because I took a stand with 3 others and fought for my son and for the parents/children in this CULT.