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Monday, March 11, 2013


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Josh Shipp

Our take:

This was expertly crafted marketing, spin, as was Mr. Shipp's statement on February 4th 2013, which is an unprofessional, whining affront, and a lame attempt to garnish sympathy. The title above has nothing to do with the clip. There is no apology to the public, only a statement that "Harvard University, as a standard practice, does not endorse individual providers or organizations," which we are all too familiar with. Respect is earned through ones actions and conduct. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. What was offered up here was "mousse." We all make mistakes; this was no mistake. It was damage control. Like the "industry" we are fighting, to ensure children's rights, where facilities fraudulently market their wares and containment is their motto - you, Sir, are no different. A Carnival Barker garnishes more respect, for he/she does not allude to being anything other than a Carnival Barker.

BTW - How can an individual ask youth  to accept personal responsibility, when one conducts oneself without it.



  1. Jillie, I applaud what you are doing. Josh is my ex brother in law. I have spent a lot of time with him through the past 8 yrs prior to a divorce. He will continue with the damage control and will continue trying to make billions. As a troubled youth myself, I am with all of you and am disgusted by his actions.

  2. I understand all of the hype surrounding the 'troubled teen industry' and all the pros and cons of it. On one side you have the survivors who complain about child abuse and civil rights violations and who feel the entire world and everyone owes them something. Then you got people like Josh who hack together words to make useless slogans that wind up keeping children out of accredited education that leads to solid employment. My only question is (and this is putting aside 'survivors' and Mr. Shipp for a moment). Where are the parents in all of this and whatever happened to the parents going down right alongside their child for failure to supervise, control and care for their own child? This is a law that many people often overlook, and no amount of protesting or hackery slogan-making can ever make people, especially children who have no power to enforce law, enforce this law. The survivors who complain SHOULD be looking at the parents who permit and make children to go into these world-wide camps and torturous facilities, while folks like Josh should be enforcing the only real and true slogan (a common law statute) that is backed by the Courts in every county and U.S. court in our nation; "parents must exercise supervision, control and care for their child". The other statute that comes to mind is "children are required a certain number of accredited hours of education per day". Beyond these two law statutes I fail to see how a child can actually learn anything in a system of punishment and lawlessness.

    It used to be that parents would do a minimum of jail time if their child got into legal trouble. Now, because we, Americans, have alleged "equal rights" of blacks and women and men; nobody is home taking care of the kids anymore. Can anyone truly say that all males will suddenly give up all male 'equal rights' and stop working so that women (and only women can have children, btw, and only women get child support (men do not ever get child support payments ordered by a court of law)) can get to their jobs and children will be safe again? This will never happen. Children are no longer safe, because of the suffragette movement.

    Obviously the remaining demographic, who have no true equality in the USA, is children.