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Saturday, January 5, 2013

State of Florida Files Petition to Shut Down Unlicensed Southeastern Military Academy

When the State of Florida is done with the unlicensed Southeastern Military Academy, there are more of them.


And, exactly who is at fault that facilities like Southeastern are not required to be licensed?  The State of Florida. The Governor's Office states they are aware of the problems.


Not only are the military academies unlicensed, but so are the so-called Therapeutic Boarding Schools that enroll at risk teens and Special Needs children. 


Vanguard Academy is one such facility. There is no oversight by the State. According to documents obtained, nothing appears to get out of Vanguard, unless it is leaked - like an alleged gang rape. Apparently the director and staff didn't understand mandated reporting.


Psychotropic meds are administered in these unlicensed facilities in Florida with no oversight.


Educational consultants continue to recommend placement of teens in unlicensed residential facilities for teens in Florida and elsewhere.


Hell, it's surprising the state isn't flooded with these unsavory facilities ...  unlicensed ... hmm ...prospects are looking up ...



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