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Friday, February 3, 2012

Universal Health Services and Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. - A little insight

Like CRC Health which was acquired by Bain Capital, who acquired Aspen Education, Universal Health Services(UHS) acquired Psychiatric Solutions (PSYS) a Tennessee based chain.

Covering all bases within the industry, Psychiatric Solutions was rewarded with a contract for our veterans.

Universal Health Services beat out Bain Capital for this acquisition.

Psychiatric Solutions, Inc.  Articles A must read:

Chicago tribune :Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. - A collection of news and information related to Psychiatric Solutions, Inc.

"Illinois' largest psychiatric hospital left sexual predators unguarded despite allegations that at least 10 mentally disabled children were assaulted during the last three years.

The youngest victim was an 8-year-old state ward admitted for evaluation after expressing suicidal thoughts.

Administrators at west suburban Riveredge Hospital and government authorities failed to share basic information as the savage violence left some youth worse off than when they arrived, a Tribune investigation found.... " read more..

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  1. Wow. Good to know they have their heads up their a$$es.