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Thursday, February 2, 2012

H.R. 3126 - Mandatory Reporters: "The Clampetts Two cents"

"The Beverly Hillbillies"
The Clampetts
Jethro:        Where we goin' Uncle Jed?

Uncle Jed:   Georgia

Jethro:        Why's that?  We got peaches in our own backyard.

Uncle Jed:  'Cause every time ya put that noose around my neck,
                   I gotta figure a way to call the po--lice.
                  'Aint  worth the trouble.  From what I bin hear'in, in Georgia,  
                   don't have ta call no one.
                   Shoot,  I hear even if ya did, they'd pay no mind.

Elly May:   That's a rule only for young'ins, Daddy.

Granny:      Shoot, how much ya know Jed.  Hear'in most all states that
                  way.  Lookee at Utaw and  Pennseevanee.

 Support stricter State and Federal laws for prosecuting mandatory reporters.  Take a  hard look at state agencies that continually and subjectively, by their actions and behavior, rob our children and families of their constitutional rights. There is no recourse for the common citizen.  The 11th amendment was not meant to offer "safe harbor" to those that are deserving of prosecution and that includes state employees.


In Georgia, state records attest to the fact that at one "Therapeutic Boarding School" facility there were 12-14  children whom attempted suicides by hanging within one year.  This does not include cutters.  A few children tried to end their lives twice.  Most of these incidents were not reported.  If the facility  staff were caught by the state for not reporting as mandated reporters, no one was prosecuted, a report was written up, and that was the extent of it.  There were no sanctions placed on licenses and still none to this date. No one has been held accountable either at the facility level or the state for their negligent, unethical  behavior. Georgia simply allowed children's well-being and human rights to be violated, while enabling the facility.  Educational consultants continued to refer to this facility after receiving copies of state reports.
This is only "one' facility and only one year.

  Support H.R. 3126  "Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teen Act of 2011."  What has been    allowed to continue and flourish is a very creative, well-orchestrated, unethical masking that is tantamount to human trafficking of children  in the name of non-evidence based therapy. This lacks any regard for human dignity or humanity.



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  1. When mandatory reporters start losing their licenses for ignoring abuse it will make other reporters think twice before turning a blind eye. Intentional, or are they too dumbed-down to recognize abuse when they see it. Either way, it's a crime.

    I might add, this high-dollar Ga TBS was considered the "Cream of the Crop". What might be happening at the hundreds of others?