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Thursday, January 19, 2012

MARK LEVINE DC PUNDIT HOSTS : Torture in America: Kids Abused in “Treatment Centers” Speak Out

Mark Levine DC Pundit of Inside Scoop hosts another radio show giving survivors of teen residential facilities an opportunity to "speak out!"

From Mark Levine on facebook:

OK, it's set. My next show on survivors of institutional abuse will be Thursday, January 19th from 7-10 pm ET (6-9 pm CT, 5-8 pm MT, 4-7 pm PT). All are welcome to call in, but survivors of CURRENTLY EXISTING programs will be given preference. That is not to diminish the suffering of those under programs that have been shut down, but I feel like we should, in a fire, focus on the immediacy of victims who are burning before addressing the real and important needs of those who have been burnt but who aren't in immediate danger. Please spread the word.


You can listen live:, and it will be permanently housed here: If you have troubled listening on Mark's site, try:

To call in:

888-488-MARK (6275)

Thank you Mark Levine.

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