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Friday, January 20, 2012

Gingrich slams CNN for asking about ex-wife - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

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  1. Newtie also told a fib in his response later in the "debate".

    He should expect this kind of questioning; Newt was a leader in going after Clinton over morals even as he himself was engaged in adultery. That is only one in a massive and still growing list of hypocritical actions throughout his career.

    Like many who seek higher office, Gingrich apparently suffers from such extreme narcissism that he is utterly incapable of even a single moment's introspection. He is smug beyond belief. So, when things go wrong, he nearly always blames underlings for the miscues. Newt taking blame for mistakes is simply unheard of.

    I did laugh at John King's expression, he looked like he got slapped -and he had been!


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