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Sunday, October 23, 2011


THE RIF (Reduction in Force) "due to budget cuts" on that infamous "Black Friday" in May at the ORCC were conveniently replaced: Former ORCC Director Dave Statton was replaced by LaMarva Ivory; former Chief Counsel Brenda King Woodard was replaced by Rachel King (any relation to Deputy Commissioner Sharon King ...  Brenda King Woodard ...?).  In addition, the Director of Budget and Planning Marshall Norwood has been replaced by Demetrius Taylor.  No confirmation if James Sanregret of Contracts and Procurement has been replaced.

Let us hope this has included a mandate that a course be taken outlining the ORCC's "scope" with reference to children's rights under the ICPC (Interstate Compact for Placement of Children) "old" or "new!"  Is there a swearing in where they pledge to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help me, me?

DHS Appoints New Leadership in Budget, General Counsel, and Residential Child Care Offices

September 13, 2011

ATLANTA – Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) Commissioner Clyde L. Reese, III, Esq. recently announced the appointment of new leadership to key posts within the Department’s Offices of Residential Child Care (ORCC), General Counsel, and Budget and Planning. LaMarva Ivory will serve as Director of ORCC, R. Demetrius Taylor as Director of Budget and Planning, and Rachel King as Deputy General Counsel. "These individuals have consistently demonstrated strong leadership while acting in the best interest of Georgians,” said Reese. “I am confident they will serve the Department well in their new roles.”
Ivory previously held the position of Deputy Director of ORCC. She will oversee the daily operations of the Office which is responsible for monitoring, inspecting and licensing of child caring institutions, child placing agencies, outdoor child caring programs, children's transitional care centers and maternity homes. Ivory has been with the Department for 22 years and has worked in the ORCC program for the last five years. In his new role as the DHS Budget and Planning Services Director, Taylor maintains and monitors the Department's budget as well as represents the Department in the budget development process with the General Assembly. Prior to being appointed as Budget and Planning Services Director, he held the position as the Budget Director within DHS’ Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Taylor brings over 10 years of budget experience from previous positions held in the government and private sector.
Rachel King will serve as Deputy General Counsel for the Department which provides counsel and assistance on legal issues for the Department. King previously worked at the Georgia Department of Community Health in the Office of General Counsel as an attorney for the Certificate of Need program. She earned her law degree from Georgia State University.
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Provider Watch - May 17, 2011 - Dave Statton Reduced from ORCC Force
Dave Statton, the Director of the Office of Residential Child Care, Georgia's licensing arm for Residential Child Care, has been discharged from the Department of Human Services by reason of "Reduction of Force."  Dave Statton served under former Commissioner Walker as her Chief of Staff.  Since her departure and the subsequent reorganization of DHS, Statton has served as the Director of the Office of Residential Child Care. 
LaMarva Ivory has been named as Interim Director.      
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