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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


9th Circuit Case 08-CF-15606-AO
State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony


Seat 1 - Joan G. Meier
White female in 60s
Articulate, retired nurse, and  volunteer counselor
"I value life. I also value our criminal justice system as it has evolved. I accept the death penalty."

Seat 2 - Raymond L. Screen
African American male in 30s, IT worker
Opposes the death penalty
"My impression was that, yes, I thought she did it," he said last month. "But if I had to return a verdict right now, I would say not guilty."

Seat 3 - Jennifer Ford
White female in her 30s
Nursing student
Had little knowledge of case

Seat 4 -  Linda F. Bills
African American woman, about 40
Regarding judging people, "That's for God to do."
Prosecution (Batson rule) tried to preempt challenge her.  Defense objected that she was being eliminated just because of her race. Judge agreed.

Seat 5 -  Harriet B. White
White female in her late 50s
 Retired Nurses Aide
Ambivilent about the death penalty, " I'd have to know a lot of facts before I really considered it."

Seat 6 - Brian P. Berling
White male in his 30s
Chef/ Restaurant equipment sale

Seat 7 - Kimberly A. Kimball
White female in her 40s
Child Welfare Administrative Assistant
Regarding the death penalty, "It would be, gosh, a solemn decision," she said nervously, "but it is an option under the law."

Seat 8 - Kathleen A. Nighland
White female in 50s
Customer Service Rep
Regarding the death penalty,  "If I know all the facts," she said, "I have no problem voting for the death penalty."

Seat 9 - James P. Kearns
White male in 50s
Former Logger
"I don't think we've heard the whole story."

Seat 10 -  Ronald H. Robertson
White male in 50s
Retention Specialist
Regarding the case, "I don't know any details, but I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty."

Seat 11 -  David W. Angelo / Jury Foreman
White male in 30s
PE teacher
During jury selection, "Everyone I work with think she's guilty," he said in jury selection," but I can keep my mind open."
Regarding the death penalty, "I guess I could consider it, but having to make that decision would be very tough for me."

Seat 12 -  Mary L. Fuhr
White female
Regarding the death penalty, " I have no problem deciding on the death penalty."

Alternate Jurors

Elizabeth K. Jones
Heather M. Feuerhake
Craig Nuendorf

*Previously, two alternate jurors names were released.

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  1. Jurors should not be subjected to their names being published. They did their job as instructed. Publishing their names puts their families--including their CHILDREN at risk, no matter what the verdict.