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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Critiques Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge

Style verdict: Dame Vivienne, pictured at her Gold Label show in Paris last year, called Catherine's look 'ordinary'
Vivienne Westwood

Duchess of Cambridge
Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge

The "Dame of British fashion," Vivienne Westwood,
criticizes Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge for her eyeliner.  No Joke.

Between Ms. Westwood's hair and horrid dress, we are reminded of an aged,  brass-headed
"Elvira" wannabe (bad dye job to boot) accessorized by her unkempt teeth.

Finally, the British have a generation of glistening smiles that would make any dentist proud and
Ms. Westwood focuses on  Catherine's eyeliner?

If Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is ordinary, where does that leave you Ms. Westwood?

And that's my take.

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