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Saturday, August 6, 2011

David Muscat, Australia's 'Neighbor From Hell,' Builds Giant Middle Finger On Front Lawn

It has been recommended that US Citizens purchase this sculpture from
Mr.Muscat and place it in front of the Capitol facing its citizens.

David Muscat, Australia's 'Neighbor From Hell,' Builds Giant Middle Finger On Front Lawn

Nothing quite says 'F*** you' like a giant middle finger.
So when a feud between Park Orchards, Australia residents and David Muscat boiled over, the feared "neighbor from hell" constructed an enormous wooden sculpture to flip the bird to all passers-by.
According to the Manningham Leader, Muscat built the sculpture in August of last year after complaints were made to the local council regarding illegal removal of trees from Muscat's property.
The sculpture -- which is highly visible due to the lack of greenery on Muscat's front lawn -- stands nearly four feet tall and was built using a chainsaw. Ironically, it faces Muscat's house.
The giant finger is just one of several obscene gestures from Muscat, 47, that the Frogmore Cres community has taken offense to. During a court hearing last week, Muscat's neighbor, John Washbourne, alleged that Muscat head butted him, "shoulder-barged" his wife," and pointed a leaf blower in the couple's faces after they requested he turn the garden appliance off.
The Herald Sun spoke with one resident who was "too scared to be named," but did call Muscat the "neighbor from hell," adding that, "We would all be quite happy if he just packed up and went away."
In the end, the iron fist of the law may get the best of Muscat's wooden finger. Muscat, 47, has since pleaded guilty to charges including assault, the sculpture, and a noise complaint, all leading to AU$700 in fines.
Muscat also faces a AU$10,000 fine from the Manningham Council after pleading guilty to removing the trees and doing garden work without a permit.

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