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Friday, April 8, 2011

Why It's Difficult to Find 'Made in America' Products in Your Home - ABC News

Why It's Difficult to Find 'Made in America' Products in Your Home - ABC News

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  1. Distressed AmericanApril 9, 2011 at 12:09 AM

    Interesting article. Reich says we need a higher level skillset for or workers, who are primarily going to be designers and such. When Clinton first posited this brave new economy, I wondered where these more skilled workers would be found. The rest of the world is pulling away from us in math and sciences education, seeming to create a potential poorly skilled workforce disaster. As the current (and, apparently, all-but-forgotten) nuclear crisis in Japan demonstrates, design flaws and construction ineptitude is not a good thing in the modern world. I don't want some kid who found xbox more important than trigonometry designing the plane that flies over my house.

    We still have phenomenal talent and most any other resource, in abundance in this country. I hope we find a way to get them to step up and train the follow-ons for the world they shall inherit. Still, the average person is just that; they make up the preponderant chunk of our society. They aren't 'designers', so who is going to support them as a class?


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