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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Donald Trump Admits To Being A 'Birther', Says Obama is 'Hiding Somethin...


  1. This is the most animated, endearing Donald Trump I have witnessed over many years. He allowed a public display of warmth, which was wonderful, and a rarity. Perhaps under it all, there is humility ... and a man who could be President.

  2. Distressed AmericanApril 8, 2011 at 4:34 PM

    And the nation's leading master of bankruptcy. What's he gonna do, ask China for Chapt 11 for the USA?? HUMILITY?? You must be joking! Anything wrong now would be ten times worse under Trump. He overshoots, uses bankruptcy as a tool, and grows again. The one thing I'll give him is he works hard the second time. Frankly, your comments frighten me. We will need someone very good, we have had two worthless Presidents in a row. We simply can't take a chance on another questionable person.

    WTF can't Trump and the rest of these absurdists read what Hawaii and other states have said, and stop the lying. The Cert of Live birth is legal legal legal...not just for a driver's license, but to the Feds and Dept. Of State for a passport. I find it chilling that some people with an ax to grind, have caused so many Americans to mindlessly repeat things that show people don't know how Birth Certs work. The State or locality holds the original, and anything else is a copy...either photocopy, or textual info copy, and either certified or not. Text info can be printed on forms designed today, and computer printed. All must have an embossed seal and an authorized signature. Obama's is an information copy printed by a computer with the appropriate stamp and a stamped sig, which is legal. The sig is for tracing. The whole point is that the State or locality is stating they they have the records proving the birth, and they are verifying the facts. Asking where the doctor is...the doctors from back then are mostly dead! SHEESH!!

  3. Why would my comments frighten you? I did not comment re: birther, although I have my own theory. I simply stated my "take" relating to his behavior on "The View."

  4. Distressed AmericanApril 8, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    I find Trump referred to as "a man who could be President" frightening. We have suffered two sellouts to big business/Wall St/'banking' in a row. Trump is a step further into the swamp. My view.


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