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Thursday, January 30, 2014


It is about time. Earlier this month, reports leaking out of Island View indicated an allegation that a "wrist" was "broken" of a young girl during a restraint administered by staff, which obviously went south... Island View markets themselves as a "Compassionate and comprehensive therapeutic academy for struggling teens."*

Dr. Phil McGraw arrives at the Museum of Television and Radio's annual gala in Beverly Hills, Calif., in this Oct. 30, 2006, file photo. The family of a teen girl who claims she was berated on television by Dr. Phil and then sent to a Utah residential treatment center where she was falsely imprisoned, has filed a civil complaint in federal court. (Matt Sayles, Associated Press)
Phil McGraw

Family sues Dr. Phil, Utah treatment center

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 29 2014 5:03 p.m. MST

SYRACUSE — The family of a teenage girl who claims she was
berated on television by Dr. Phil and then sent to a residential treatment center in Utah where she was falsely imprisoned, has filed a civil lawsuit. Terri and David Myers, on behalf of their 15-year-old daughter, filed the complaint
in federal court in Salt Lake City on Monday against the Dr.
Phil Organization, Bain Capital, CRC Health Group,
Aspen Educational Group, Island View Academy in Syracuse and a teacher at the academy.

In February of 2013, Terri Myer went on the "Dr. Phil" show
with her daughter. In the episode, the daughter admitted to having sex with adult men she met online,
which the family called "bizarre and dangerous conduct"
in their lawsuit.

The family claims Dr. Phil, Phil McGraw, subjected the mother
and daughter to "his brand of blunt ridicule." He offered to help the family by paying for the daughter to enroll at Island View Academy, a co-ed residential treatment center for troubled youth located in Syracuse.

The parents enrolled the girl. In their suit, they now call the facility a "private prison" and claim their daughter was placed there "for the purpose of forcing her to become obedient instead of truant by depriving her of freedom,
privacy, education, and subjecting her to involuntary servitude, and unjust unusual punishments."

In one incident, the daughter apparently refused to obey staff members who told her to get off of her bed. When staff members tried to pull her off,her right arm "was badly and perhaps irreparably broken, and its main nerve severely damaged," the lawsuit states.

The family also claims their daughter's constitutional rights were violated and she was falsely imprisoned, as well as conspiracy and fraud.
Attempts to reach the Island View Academy and the "Dr. Phil" show or comments were unsuccessful.

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