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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Josh Shipp

Lifetime TV of A&E networks affirmed the network cancelled "Teen Trouble" hosted by motivational speaker Josh Shipp.

As of this date, there was no announcement or press release by A&E's Lifetime TV network indicating the show was cancelled. A&E confirmed this.
The unscripted series was originally approved for only eight episodes.

"Teen Trouble" - After months of scrutiny, petitioning the network, articles upon negative articles, voices raised in horror by survivors of the TTI industry and children's rights advocates, this indeed was received as good news. There will be no more episodes of "Teen Trouble."

So how did survivors and child advocates find out "Teen Trouble" was cancelled?

Well, Mr. Shipp. it appears, would like survivors and advocates to believe it was his choice -  his "own personal decision to not do another season of  Teen Trouble."  How heroic of Mr. Shipp - how valiant. He "kept his word?"  Which "word" was that?

"I have chosen to NOT film any more episodes of Teen Trouble."  Who has chosen?  He could film them, for sure, but the network would not be paying for them.

Mr. Shipp, the above statement, if made, is offensive to survivors and advocates.  One does not know if you are suggesting that the cognitive capabilities of advocates and survivors is marginal at best.


Okay, so you are not a noted star, but for an individual to cease production of further episodes, by his choice alone on a series, if true, is great "spin" for any network. This is news worthy! This selfless effort is certainly worth a logline from the network lauding you or the network for ones humanity above the almighty dollar. It's Disney! A rarity, but actors have walked away from other series.  Where is it? Where is the network news release? Oh, it's in an undisclosed private "email." However, the gist of it may be shared. Perhaps, the email was misinterpreted? Another "spin" coming?


According to network executives, they pull the plug on a series, when the series does not perform well in the ratings(performance-very poor ratings), negative reviews (Mr. Shipp's self-proclaimed Harvard endorsement did not help, nor the marketing of himself as a "Teen Behavioral Expert et al"), or because of radical or controversial content (sending children to abusive facilities without educating oneself is right up there).

According to A&E's Lifetime, "Teen Trouble" did not perform up to their expectations, therefore the show was cancelled. Whether it is because of the aforementioned network reasoning or Mr. Shipp's take is any one's guess.  However, logic dictates that the reasoning for the cancellation of "Teen Trouble" leans more toward performance and controversy - although to networks, controversy is sometimes thought of as a positive as related to hype.  

"Teen Trouble" did not make it because of the ratings? "Reality bites."

If one believes it was Mr.Shipp's decision to end "Teen Trouble," then one must conclude A&E's Lifetime network would have continued the series with menial ratings, thus sending children to abusive facilities, if Mr. Shipp stayed.  After all the controversy, this wouldn't shed a halo of light on the network - a Disney network. A&E would not be pleased, especially for making the network officials look like imbeciles as the ratings numbers were not there to sustain "Teen Trouble," nor was the advertising. Again, the network only agreed to eight episodes. The episodes were over and apparently, so was the series.

What we take issue with, is using pure of heart individuals, survivors of the TTI industry and children's rights advocates for one's own gain. What worth is that "gain," if it is the result of "a dog and pony show?" 

We deal in the heartbreak of certain realities every day and, yes, it bites. It is not mired in any personal visions of grandeur or "spin." Our visions of grandeur are that of keeping all children safe.

Mr. Shipp, respect is earned and your ten minutes of advocacy is up.

And... that's our take.



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