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Friday, October 26, 2012


... and who can blame Mr. Woods ... enough of this garbage from the administration. It's not about being left or right; a Democrat or Republican. This is an embarrassment, not to mention egregious!

Our fallen  heroes and their families deserve better as the administration blames every anomaly beyond mankind. What is next? "Honey Boo Boo" was incompetent. It's time for the administration to "stand-up." It appears they are all too good at "standing down."

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  1. What happened in Benghazi was and is awful. Mr. Wood's position is easily understood. However, I find these insistent demands by "news" organizations and blogs for "answers" quite unprecedented. I would think in your position you would be aware that there have been many attacks on US embassies and related over the years, and yet I cannot recall such a group of demands, and continued assaults on the Administration for ineptness, when you (unless I am mistaken, and you were there) really have very little of the "real" information. For God's sake, we are still learning details of major actions in WWII!! Even Condi Rice was moved to tell the right to chill out and wait. Issa should be castigated for dumping what are at least sensitive documents, when the event is still so near at hand. That is not how this stuff gets conducted, and with good reason. Hysterical public demands fueled by inaccurate and/or misunderstood information, from ALL sources, is a recipe for disaster in international and security events.

    I feel compelled to ask, were you at the front lines demanding explanations for the attacks on US embassies, and the multitude of deaths of personnel, during the Bush years? The Clinton years? The Bush41 years? The Reagan years? This stuff is not new, very sadly, and in fact Obama has had a very clean run compared to his predecessors. Here's Bush43:

    2002: US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan: 12 killed, 51 injured.
    2002: US Consulate in Calcutta, India, 5 killed.
    2002: US Consular office in Denpasar, Indonesia.
    2003: US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan
    2004: US Consulate in Uzbekistan: 2 killed, at least 9 injured.
    2004: US Consulate in Jedda, Saudi Arabia: 9 killed.
    2006: US Embassy in Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed
    2006: US Embassy in Syria: 4 killed, 5 wounded.
    2007: US Embassy in Athens, Greece.
    2008: US embassy in Serbia.
    2008: US Ebassy in Yemen: 16 killed.
    2008: US Consulate in Istanbul,Turkey: 6 killed.

    Let's get THOSE investigations going, at long last! Oh, right, they *were* investigated..(I'm assuming, knowing that the State Dept. investigates all of this automatically, as do other agencies at arm's length).

    I'm not pleased with Mr. Obama in many, many ways, but holding him to a completely different standard, and to a Twitter standard on top of that, is absurd in the extreme.