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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thought this was interesting,  sound like another facility or too many to count?

 "Also named are a network of nearly 50 other affiliated businesses and individuals, which the lawsuit claims were also controlled by the organization's principals through either family relationships or written management agreements."

After reading about another WWASPS lawsuit - the mention of Costa Rica rang another horrid bell, where, like Mexico,  human rights violations were rampant among children in their country's care.  Apparently, this fact has not been driven home.

IECA Educational Consultants  are still recommending Costa Rica and other abroad facilities ... ethics anyone?  Recently, it was disclosed that amongst the recommendations given by an educational consultant - Costa Rica was up there in the hit parade. 

"In court papers, attorneys for the students say World Wide has operated more than 20 schools in seven states and in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Samoa and the Czech Republic, although the exact number and how many remain in operation is unclear."

Implementing something parallel to the provision in the "The Higher Education Act " would be a start for curtailing unethical educational consultants from recommending overseas placements, where compensation is paid by these facilities for placements in a so-called "Therapeutic Boarding School."   These are vulnerable children sent overseas to the custody of whom and what?  Have you all lost your minds? It may be an "ethical breach" considered by IECA to accept bounties for children's heads, but, hey, who is going to come forward? 

 IECA and NATSAP are associations and frequently disparaged by the educational consultants themselves.  The associations do not police their own.  They protect each other or are afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracized and losing their livelihood.  However, what is ones 'pork' worth, if it's blood money.  It is extremely difficult to understand how one could possibly convince themselves they are offering a just service. If the case were the opposite, places like Hidden Lake Academy, the Ridge Creek School facility, and the worse of the lot out there would have been history long ago.  It is a multi, multi-billion dollar industry that was allowed to flourish without any checks and balances, which leads to corruption.  Not Wall Street by any means, but the same garbage applies.

"The Higher Education Act, in fact prohibits any compensation that includes incentives based on the number of students enrolling and doing so is considered a serious ethical breach by both NACAC
and IECA, and stands as grounds for dismissal for both. Last year the University of Phoenix was fined
$78 million for violating the provision."

And that's my take.

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