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Thursday, August 9, 2012


This is a hard hitting video of Senator Schaefer's speech in 2009, before her untimely, mysterious death in March of 2010. Many feel Senator Schaefer was permanently silenced, along with her beloved husband, Bruce.Their deaths were ruled a "murder suicide." Yet, Senator Schaefer's friends and family charge that she had an unyielding faith and belief in the sanctity of life.[1] Senator Schaefer speaks of agency wide corruption  under the DHR, now the DHS. She speaks of road blocks, being "cut off at every juncture," and CPS as a "protected empire." MONEY and NO ACCOUNTABILITY.  After dealing with Georgia's incompetent, contained, camaraderie ridden nepotistic system, her deductions are understandable.

Sadly, I never knew Senator Schaefer, but she would have been my champion. I am humbled and in awe; she could not be bought, stood by her ethics, and perhaps paid the ultimate price, leaving behind a grieving family.

An article from an intern speaks of the surprising camaraderie that existed amongst the lawyers, DFCS, and the providers (CCI, CPA's, etc). [2]

One wonders if the salaries of two lawyers in the DA's office, that are funded through DHS, isn't just a tad too close. "For over two decades, the State of Georgia Department of Human Services has completely funded the District Attorney's Child Support Enforcement Unit."
It would appear far better, although not feasible, for the State to fund the GAO with attorney's to oversee the apparent corruption exposed by Senator Schaefer in these agencies. It is no wonder the AG's office representative offered a few years ago, off the record,  "go to the media."[3]

[1] An excellent article about Senator Schaefer and her scathing reports.

[2] Report written by an intern.

[3] DHS Contract for District Attorney's Office for two lawyers salaries re:"Child Support Enforcement Unit."

Rest in peace, "Champion," accountability comes in many forms.

Sovereign immunity -  the founding Fathers weep ... let us all weep, for "the children left behind."

And that's my take.

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