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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Georgia: "Foster care fraught with private abuses, public excuses"  |

Foster care fraught with private abuses, public excuses |

Welcome to Georgia's Child Care Regulatory Agencies

I would like to share this well-written article by Alan Judd from 2010. If one substitutes CCI (Child Caring Institution) for "Foster care" the frightening similarities are more than apparent and clearly show the need for change in the entire DHS and DFCS "good ole boy" family tree. Resignations at this point would be too kind; the old entourage at the top of the tree need to go, period. However, not before extending a formal apology to parents and children that have been subjected to their lack of professionalism, ineptitude, indifference, blatant containment, and skewing of the truth.

What is alarming is that Mr. Judd's article is a mirror image of what advocates and parents have been dealing with for over ten years regarding the DHS/ORCC/DFCS supervisors and their oversight of CCI Hidden Lake Academy now Ridge Creek, Inc. and their other former and current sister programs, including Ridge Creek Wilderness...
"Our hands are tied" just doesn't cut it. Again, if it was their child sleeping on wood planks, carrying boulders for hours, or involved in any other cited, egregious incidents, I highly doubt DHS/ ORCC response would be "our hands are tied."

I received an email from a former senior administrator of Ridge Creek, Inc. back in 2006. At first, I thought, "take it with a grain of salt." But now, I know better ... and, well, it is 2011 and still going on.

"DHR workers tried hard to hold Hidden Lake Accountable
supervisors backed down"

I am assuming "workers" relates to the DFCS and ORCC surveyors, case workers, and agents. "Supervisors," well read Alan Judd's article.
...and that's my take.

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