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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"I AM ENRAGED...YOU SHOULD BE TOO" by Greta Van Susteren

I am should be too.
Greta Van Susteren | March 19, 2011 10:49 AM
This enrages me....absolutely enrages me. We have children STARVING in this country, our education system is deplorable (have you seen inner city schools?), we have a national debt that is a NATIONAL SECURITY risk...and we have our politicians asking for MORE MONEY. And????? what do they do ?? they OVERPAY A BILLIONAIRE by as much as 200 million dollars????
If you make $100,000/ year, $200,000,000 is your salary for 2000 years.
If you make $50,000/year, $200,000,000 is your salary for 4000 years.
We have to do something! Congress is absolutely disgraceful. They tax you and you pay, they take the money, they decide where it is going (here to the Pentagon) and they have the job to make sure it is not wasted...and then they let this happen.
Call your Senator, your Congressman or Congresswoman ....and email. You can send this blog posting with the share.
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  1. Interesting...Good for Greta, but I have to ask, why did she pick this guy? He had a legal, bid contract, he simply charged more than several who underbid, but were seen as unable to carry out the mission...which was seen as essential timewise. He was the only one who had access across Syria, which I'm sure he bought...but he HAD it.

    A better question for me, is where was Greta when Blackwater and Halliburton screwed the country straight out, on no bid contracts? These companies profited beyond any reasonable level on this war, and they continue to lobby for more war, to keep the gravytrain going! Eisenhower warned us....

    Greta's income comparisons are good, they also point out the ratio inequities in our world. Why does a CEO get 2000 or more times the income of an employee?? It's even worse when the CEO's bad decisions so often torpedo the company. CEO then gets either a bonus or a golden parachute, or both. The employee gets to loose his retirement, or job, or both as the case may be. The employee then is a drain on the nation for a time. Nice work, CEO!!

    Nonetheless, a good posting!! Greta may be awakening to war profiteering at last. The people actually fighting the war, getting hurt or dying for us, are who are being shortchanged when these people charge unethical amounts. The taxpayers risk is far, far less.